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Fighters looking for fights

Fighters looking for fights?

EFP releases website designed to assist fighters, coaches and managers to find fights. The site has a simple concept. With fighters constantly looking for fights this website can serve as a go to spot to easily “bid” for a fight. After a very easy sign up a fighter can login and bid. After the bid is submitted a member of the promotion will contact them and continue the process as is typically done. “It’s an easy to use tool for fighters, coaches and managers to reach promotions and get fights booked quickly and efficiently,” said Dannon Svab. “This will provide another resource to help fill fight cards and improve both the fighter and customer experience for MMA Events.”

The website has the ability to feature MMA Events, Pro Boxing, Amateur Boxing and Kickboxing Events.

Explosive Fight Promotions has events scheduled for April 8, May 20 and June 24. For more information visit

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