Combate Americas' Copa Combate live results (9 p.m. ET)

Combate Americas’ one-night, eight-man Copa Combate bantamweight tournament takes place tonight, and you can follow the results on MMAjunkie.

The event, which takes place at the Grand Oasis Cancun in Cancun, Mexico, kicks off with a preliminary card – which includes the tournament quarterfinals – at 9 p.m. ET streaming on The main card airs on NBCSN and Telemundo beginning at 11:30 p.m. ET.

The winner of Copa Combate, created as a throwback to UFC 1, will be awarded a $100,000 grand prize.

Full fight card and results below.


  • opponent TBA vs. opponent TBA – Copa Combate bantamweight tournament final
  • opponent TBA vs. opponent TBA – Copa Combate bantamweight tournament semifinal
  • opponent TBA vs. opponent TBA – Copa Combate bantamweight tournament semifinal
  • Gloria Bravo vs. Melissa Martinez


  • Mikey Erosa vs. Marcelo Rojo – Copa Combate bantamweight tournament quarterfinal
  • Levy Saul Marroquin vs. Carlos Rivera – Copa Combate bantamweight tournament quarterfinal
  • John Castaneda vs. Kevin Morerya – Copa Combate bantamweight tournament quarterfinal
  • Alejandro Abomohor vs. Marc Gomez – Copa Combate bantamweight tournament quarterfinal
  • Victor Madrigal vs. Felipe Vargas – Copa Combate bantamweight tournament alternate bout
  • Sheila Padilla vs. Lisbeth Lopez Silva

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Campbell McLaren, John Castaneda talk $100k Copa Combate tournament


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Former UFC executive and Combate Americas CEO Campbell McLaren is banking on national pride to fuel Friday’s Copa Combate tournament.

Fighters from seven different countries – all but one Spanish-speaking – will face off in a one-night tournament for $100,000. McLaren thinks of it as MMA’s answer to the World Cup and hopes the same rabid passions are stirred for the combatants.

“You’re bringing in a fighter to represent an entire country – in addition to wanting the cash,” McLaren told MMAjunkie Radio. “$100,000 is a real first prize.”

The event, “Combate Americas: Copa Combate,” takes place Saturday at Grand Oasis Cancun in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Preliminary card fights stream live on before main card fights on NBCSN.

McLaren’s prize remains the Latin American market for MMA. He boasts his promotion “continues to demolish” the ratings of industry juggernaut UFC in Mexico and doubles the industry-leader’s numbers in Spain.

Combate recently linked up with Telemundo to air Saturday’s tournament, which McLaren expects will provide another boost in recognition.

Conceiving tomorrow’s event, McLaren borrowed from a previous project he worked on, “Iron Ring,” to bring more excitement to the action. The short-lived show on BET featured an elimination tournament where contestants got one five-minute round to advance from the qualifying round.

“There may not be a lot of strategy involved in a five-minute round, but there’s a heck of a lot of action involved in a five-minute round, which is a heck of a way to kick off the tournament,” he said.

The quarterfinal and semifinal rounds feature three three-minute rounds, while the final features three, five-minute rounds. Elbows are only permitted during the championship final to minimize the potential damage rising fighters take.

Copa Combates participant John Castaneda (14-2), who faces Kevin Moreyra (3-1) in the elimination round, has a survival strategy centered around the fighters he considers to be the toughest threats.

“There’s no way to prepare for so many different styles, so I’ve done my own research, my coach has done his research, and we’ve broken it down to two main fighters – two of the biggest threats,” he said. “I’m implementing my camp around those two styles.”

If he gets those unnamed opponents, he’ll be more than ready. And he’s not sweating the others, apparently.

Castaneda doesn’t consider himself a tournament kind of guy. It hasn’t been on his competitive bucket list. But the chance to be a part of a historical event – and bank a sweet paycheck – is something he can’t pass up.

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