Sakkreerin ready for Melindo


By Ray Wheatley –World of Boxing
Photo: Johnny Chaichotchuang

IBF#3 Fahlan Sakkreerin Junior (31-4-1) will be ready to fight IBF#5 Milan Melindo (34-2-0, 12 KOs) for the IBF interim junior flyweight title on November 26, 2016 in Cebu, Philippines.

Jimmy Chaichotchuang the manager of Sakkreerin junior said “I am proud of the first ever father and son duo in the world who won the IBF Pan Pacific Junior Flyweight championship belt. Fahlan Sakkreerin senior who is former IBF Mini Flyweight champion captured the IBF Pan Pacific Junior Flyweight belt in 2002. Fahlan Sakkreerin junior captured the same belt in 2016 fourteen years later. Guinness world records may count the first of father and son who won the same championship in boxing history. I was the promoter of both the father and the son of the Sakkreerin family. Ray Wheatley was a supervisor for his father and Sompong Archanurkow was a supersvisor when Sakkreerin junior fight.”

“Sakkreerin junior wants to achieve the same world champion title as his father. He is undergoing the hardest training in his life with Rian Munton in anticipation for his fight with Melindo in the Philippines. Melindo is a veteran boxer who lost to Francisco Estrada for the WBA/WBO flyweight and Javier Mendoza for the IBF Junior Flyweight. While Sakkreerin junior lost to Katsunari Takayama for the IBF Mini Flyweight championship in 2015 in Japan. This is the second chance for Sakkreerin and third chance for Melindo who only become the new IBF interim champion.”

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Vargas, Cooper, Arum Q&A

JESSIE VARGAS: My trainer Dewey Cooper and my strength and conditioning coach David Hayes, Rafael Garcia, my father – we make a great team and they brought out the best in me. They brought out the best in me in March against Sadam Ali and now we are going to outdo that performance in this fight on November 5th. I am very thankful for my manager Cameron Dunkin getting me this opportunity and I can’t wait to perform on the big stage and show what I’m about.

DEWEY COOPER: Hi everyone. I am Dewey Cooper, Jessie Vargas’ boxing trainer. I am thrilled to be here it’s an honor and I feel so blessed to be a part of this magnificent event and to be a part of Jessie’s first pay per view fight and I can guarantee you that this is going to be a great performance by Jessie Vargas. Training camp has been wonderful. We’ve topped every number ten-fold from when we were preparing for Sadam Ali. He has thrown more punches per day than he had thrown for Ali. We have added even more explosive power, more athletic agility, more speed and more total IQ we have added since the last fight we had together. We have more synergy in this training camp and guys, I keep saying in every interview I do don’t forget who the champion is in this fight is and don’t forget who the challenger in this fight is and that’s exactly who we are viewing this guy as – we are viewing him as our opponent, the challenger and we are going to conquer him on November 5th. I am fully confident in Jessie and this is not promoter speak and this is not theatrical hype, I am telling you actual fact. We expect, we know and we will show the whole world on November 5th how great of a fighter Jessie Vargas is and we are looking forward to that night.

CAMERON DUNKIN: Jessie, years ago when he began this, all he talked about was being at this level, being at the highest level, and thank you, Bob, for putting him here he really deserves it and he is getting better every fight and there is going to be a shocker. I really believe he is going to win this fight. He is so dedicated he is training so hard and I just think there is going to be some surprised people. As you know Bob, when this fight was announced everybody was like “No, no, not Jessie.” And they are going to have a lot of Jessie on the 5th.

Manny is ten years older than you, he has been very busy in the Senate in the Philippines and maybe boxing is not his number 1 priority, whereas your team is totally focused – do you think you are getting him at the right time?

JESSIE VARGAS: What I am focused on is that I am in my prime. I have a lot to show and I have a lot to give in this sport and on the 5th I am going to perform at the highest level and as you said, Manny Pacquiao’s best performance in those three [Tim Bradley] fights was in that last fight which was only a few months ago and I’m happy that he was able to give that performance so when I defeat Manny Pacquiao they will see that I beat a good Manny Pacquiao who is still performing at the highest level. That’s the Manny Pacquiao that I want to beat.

What would it to for your life to pull off the upset?

JESSIE VARGAS: It would definitely put me on the world-wide stage – make me that boxing star that I have been looking forward to being. I have been waiting for this for a long time and I’m glad it’s here and I am going to take advantage of it. The only fighters to beat Manny Pacquiao have become legends themselves. So I plan to become one of the few to beat Manny Pacquiao and also become one of the legends.

Bob, what do you think a win does for Jessie Vargas?

BOB ARUM: He becomes not just a champion but a superstar. I will deny to him that I said that because I will have to negotiate his next fight (laughing). He would be a superstar there is no question about that if he were to beat Manny Pacquiao. He has a hell of a shot to do that. This fight I look at both guys trained for the fight and how explosive it’s going to be but I don’t know who is going to win, but I’m confident it will b by knockout. Jessie has a hell of a shot to win this fight.

DEWEY COOPER: The biggest illusion the devil ever pulled on the world was to make us think he doesn’t exist. If you are thinking Pacquiao is only half prepared in this fight or not mentally ready for this fight you are not the expert writer. We are not hearing anything about the Senate – he is an eight-time world champion and he knows how to get ready for a big fight. So we expect the best Manny Pacquiao and we are going to beat the best Manny Pacquiao. I don’t want to hear anything else except how great he trained, how Freddie has him prepared and great he is going to fight. At the end of the day we don’t want to hear any excuses after the fight. We are defending champions and he is the challenger and once we win this fight we are not going to hear about Senate duties and all of that. He knows how to prepare for a fight and we are sure he has. And we are sure we are going to be the better man on November 5th.

Is there any bit of you that is in awe that you are fighting a legend?

JESSIE VARGAS: Not at all this is where I belong. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was eight years old. This moment is not so big. It’s here an I am going to take full advantage of it When you envision something in your head over and over again it’s like a movie placing you in that position and once you are there you’re ready. That’s the way I see it. I am so ready for this. I am in the best shape of my life. I have never felt this strong or this powerful. I mean there’s no…I am going to win this fight, that’s how good I feel about it.

You won a title at 140 now another at 147 it seems like you have a lot of confidence…

JESSIE VARGAS: I would say overall what gives me that confidence is the team that I have. They are bringing out the best in me I said that when we became a two-division world champion. We won the welterweight title in March. Again, we are looking to surpass the level that we were in in March. I will outdo that performance on November 5th. You are going to see a faster, stronger, more hunter, more intelligent and with better ring IQ. Just overall a better fighter and it’s all because of my team – my coach Dewey Cooper, my strength and conditioning coach David Hayes and Rafael Garcia my cut man. We have such great team chemistry and I have the best of the best and that’s why I feel so confident.

Dewey, when you joined Jessie’s camp was there anything in particular you wanted to work on?

DEWEY COOPER: Yes, the first time we met to train at City Boxing Gym we talked about some things and we had a good understanding and we had a role we did it his way and we did t my way and whatever it took to make them both mesh we’ll do. It was a just a few technical things that I had seen that Jessie needed to do a little more of. He already knew how to do them he just wasn’t doing them as much. He was open-minded and we grew together but remember, I’ve got to say it like this. I didn’t teach Jessie shit, he already had it in him. I just helped him acknowledge it and re-bring it out. I’m not trying to overdo it with the credit. I identified things that he had lost through all the training he had done and brought those back out in his physical exercises and his technical boxing. We have improved even more since the Sadam Ali fight and we are ready to show the world. This moment is not too big for us guys. We are the champions.

Did you work on techniques to improve his punching power?

DEWEY COOPER: Absolutely we did but once we identified the slight technical error, we had drills that we used to enhance that natural power. Everything that he is doing now is natural power. There are just some exercises that are conducive to make it more natural instead of so forced. And that’s what we did. We just put a magical formula together. Jessie trusted it and he believed in it. He feels it in his knuckles. He feels it in his forearms when he hits. He feels it in his hips when he hits. It’s a natural thing. For anyone in the world to say they can’t improve on something is just ignorant. We can improve our reading speed. We can improve our running speed. We can improve our strength on the bench press, so why wouldn’t we be able to improve our punching power. It’s about technique and doing the right exercises and specific movements to make you improve. It’s not rocket science. We are just smart enough to limit ourselves and our possibilities. We can do the improbable. We can do the impossible and that’s exactly what’s going to happen on November 5th.

Is it a dangerous way to fight Pacquiao – to come out and go right after him?

JESSIE VARGAS: We do have Plan A. And Plan B is to follow plan A. And Plan C is to make sure Plan A works. And it will work. It’s just about playing it smart and being the smarter fighter inside that ring. The right moment and the right time and looking for the opening and creating the openings. At the end of the day, come fight time, what are the right movements. I am a fighter and I am going to know what to do. I have a great team behind me and we came up with a great plan and in training camp everything has been coming along just as we have planned and on November 5th it’s going to be a great night of boxing and I’m going to enjoy my performance.

Marquez KO’d Manny with the right counter – is that something you will try and use?

JESSIE VARGAS: My trainer has reviewed several of Manny Pacquiao’s fight and made a game plan. We have several shots that we can use – it could be a hook or it could be a right hand. I am going to do it to my style and my liking and the moment that I choose to do it. I am not here to imitate any other fighter. I am here to do Jessie Vargas and move like I like to move with the punches and combinations that I like to throw. Stay tuned. I am going to surprise and you don’t want to miss it.

I saw your fight against Sadam Ali and the power was real there is no doubt about that and I’m looking forward to a great fight. Do you think if you had more time you would have finished Bradley off in that last round?

JESSIE VARGAS: You know, to be honest, that has been left in the past and there is nothing we can do to change it. You know how I feel about it but now we are fighting Manny Pacquiao. My job is to defeat Manny Pacquiao and to show that I’m the best in the division. Defeating a man that Bradley couldn’t beat on that last occasion will say it all for itself. That will give me the ultimate glory and he doesn’t want to give me a rematch. So we are looking forward to this fight at the highest level and keep in mind that in 2016 I put out the team that has brought out the best in me and we are unstoppable from that point on.

That was your only defeat in you pro career. What was your mood after that?

JESSIE VARGAS: It was a learning experience, everything that happened. Not everything is fair and we had to let things go. That’s just the way it is and I am using it as an experience and make sure I let my hands go from the opening bell, not until nearly the last round you could say. It gave me that fire that anger to, excuse me if I say it, to really hurt somebody or kill somebody inside that ring, and to take it and not have any compassion for my opponent. That has built a stronger Jessie Vargas and of course the team I have put together.

Many have noticed your punching power seems to have increased in the Bradley and the Ali fight – do you feel that way?

JESSIE VARGAS: Definitely – ever since I began working with the team I have now my punching power has increased and my ring IQ – just the entire way I have looked at the fight game has changed. A new Jessie Vargas was born in 2016 and everyone seems to like it and now we are going to give you a bigger and better Jessie Vargas come November 5th.

How do you increase you power in one fight?

JESSIE VARGAS: That’s a better question for Dewey.

DEWEY COOPER: Everything is created by the way you utilize your techniques. I am not going to give you guys the secrets – the game is to be sold not told. You will see it. But I will give you one key word and I told Max Kellerman and Bernard Hopkins and Jim Lampley this and after the Ali fight they laughed at me. One word – Hips – H I P S – that’s all you need to remember, hips guys. That’s all I am going to say and I shouldn’t have given you the million dollar clue but that’s what it’s about and you guys will continue to see that and continue to see Jessie Vargas be great.

So you are better leveraging your punches by using the hips?

BOB ARUM: Do you want him to tell everyone the sequence he is going to throw the punches? They have to keep some things to themselves!

Jessie, how do you see this fight going in your mind?

JESSIE VARGAS: I see Jessie Vargas coming out with a big victory in front of the entire world in spectacular fashion and surprise everyone. Everyone is going to give me credit for being the strongest and most powerful puncher in the division.

You are 5’10” and Manny is 5’5” – how will that play out?

JESSIE VARGAS: I am going to use every advantage I have in this fight – as an experienced fighter we have to use every advantage and we will. And that is one of the advantages along with the power, the reach, the ring intelligence, the great footwork.

Who would you want to fight next?

JESSIE VARGAS: After beating Manny Pacquiao I would fight anybody. We have Bob on the line so I would sit down with Bob and Cameron and see who they want next.

BOB ARUM: Every fighter, deep down, wants to beat up on his promoter. I’m 85 years old, but Jessie had a promoter before me named Floyd Mayweather and maybe Jessie will take the opportunity, if Floyd is ready, to beat up on Floyd.

JESSIE VARGAS: Definitely I will take you up on that one.

Is there no one you have in mind?

JESSIE VARGAS: My promoter said it all. I am taking on the Fighter of the Decade and defeating the Fighter of the Decade and you could only go up from there. And who’s the next guy that is as the great? That’s who we will go after.

How were you feeling after the Bradley fight while trying to get the decision overturned?

JESSIE VARGAS: Thankfully I have a great support system and I use it and the process I had with the Commission and when I brought in all of my legal attorneys, I was very patient and I let them handle it as best as they could and that’s the way I saw it and once they came up with the decision I said OK I am only looking forward to the future. What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger and it has but more than anything I see it as a blessing. If that wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t have the team that I have now. I would be at the highest level now and you wouldn’t see me performing as the fighter that I have become. It’s because of that and that’s the way I look at it and those are the facts to it. Dewey and Pedro and my father have made a great team and because of them you are going to see a spectacular performance from me on November 5th.

DEWEY COOPER: I want to interject something. To finally end the Bradley questions that was turmoil and almost a tragedy. Boys whimper out. Men figure out a way to get through it. But conquerors persevere and become more powerful. Jessie is a conqueror. He is not the average man. He is a conqueror. He is not the average man. You have to persevere through that and become more powerful. Remember that. Turmoil and tragedy makes the boys whimper. Men get through it, but conquerors persevere and become more powerful and that’s what Jessie is and that’s how I feel about the Bradley scenario.

CAMERON DUNKIN: He had a bright future and it was a setback and he did take it very, very hard. It was hard on him. He was not used to losing. We talked and he wanted to go through the steps of what he could do with the commission and when that was over, Jessie dropped it and he was done with it and he said “Cameron, let’s move on” and that’s what we did.

You turned down the Ali fight last year then you got it when you wanted it and you won – do you feel as though you are getting the last laugh fighting the most popular fighter in the world right now?

JESSIE VARGAS: Going back a few steps, Cameron has always been right on point with my career. I was always looking for bigger and better opportunities. He called me about the Sadam Ali fight and I was OK with it and said sure. Cameron did mention the fight would be in New York and we knew that recently, about certain decisions being made in New York that a lot of people didn’t agree with so it made us thing twice about it. It literally only took us about a month to change the venue and then got the fight made. So it wasn’t about whether I wanted it. It was about negotiating the right location. We did it at a neutral place, even though it was more his side [of the country] than mine, but I was OK with Washington, DC. The fans enjoyed it and the network was really happy with it and the entire arena went crazy. It was a good night of boxing.

JESSIE VARGAS: The reason I say that is because I never say “No” to any fight. You can ask Cameron right now, when he mentions any fight I say “Let’s take it.” I don’t say no to any fight, just tell me where when, how much and let’s make it happen.


BOB ARUM: You heard Jessie and Dewey today, two class guys who know what they are talking about and they have prepared themselves well and they are going to give everybody a tremendous night of boxing. And remember, while you’re at it, there are three other championship fights on the card. Another fight between a Mexican-American and a Filipino – Nonito Donaire vs. undefeated No. 1 contender Jessie Magdaleno – and Óscar Valdez, a rising star and a Featherweight World Champion against Hiroshige Osawa, the No. 1 contender from Japan. Then we have the Flyweight championship – Zou Shiming against the Prasitak Papoem of Thailand, who has won 12 straight fights by knockout. It should be a terrific night of boxing – not just one world championship fight, as good as that fight is, it’s a full night of boxing that we are offering to the fans, both at Pay-Per-View, closed-circuit locations, online via and of course at the famous Thomas & Mack Center.

DEWEY COOPER: We are blessed to be here. We are building a legacy right now and we are the champions. We are the defending champions. We will retain our WBO world title and STILL – Jessie Vargas baby.

JESSIE VARGAS: I can’t top that! Dewey topped it off with facts. Tune in November 5th.

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Well-Dressed Conor McGregor Breaks Up a Street Fight? (video)

It’s not real clear that the sharp-dressed man in this video is, in fact, UFC champion Conor McGregor, but it certainly looks like one of the suits he’s known for wearing, appears like a grainy version of the champ, and sounds quite a bit like him, as he breaks up a street fight.

McGregor has not confirmed that it is indeed him in the vid, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Do you think it’s The Notorious?

TRENDING > Anthony Pettis Responds to Car Fire Attack

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Anthony Pettis Responds to Car Fire Attack

Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis found himself under attack at his Milwaukee home early Thursday morning, three of his cars set ablaze in his driveway.

Police and firefighters were called to Pettis’ home around 1 a.m. Thursday morning, after a neighbor noticed a car speeding through the neighborhood, which was followed by a loud noise and two cars igniting in Pettis’ driveway, according to

Anthony Pettis car fireThe report noted, “Milwaukee police believe an unknown suspect used an accelerant to ignite two of the vehicles which forced flames to spread to a third vehicle sitting in Pettis’ driveway.”

Fortunately, emergency responders acted quickly and no one was injured.

Following the incident, Pettis released the following statement on Friday via his Instagram account:

“I am a fighter. I won’t be defeated by this. I am also extremely confused and saddened by the events that occurred. I am grateful that no one was harmed by this cowardly act. My life, as well as my loved ones, were put in danger. I cannot understand why someone would want to hurt myself or my family. I will do everything I can to ensure that we find out who committed this crime and that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I’m constantly defending my choice to stay in this city. Regardless of the crimes that have been occurring lately, this is my home. I really hope the city that I rep has my back on this one and helps by reporting anything they know about this.”

There was no information regarding a suspect or motivation for the attack at the time of publication.

Pettis is currently competing in the UFC featherweight division, trying to make a run at the 145-pound title. He is slated to face Max Holloway on Dec. 10 at UFC 206 in Toronto.

(Photo courtesy of Anthony Pettis)

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Havnaa added to Carolis-Zeuge undercard


Photo: Photo Wende

Kai Robin Havnaa (7-0, 6 KOs) will face Ihar Karavaeu (8-12, 5 KOs) in a six-round contest on the undercard of the WBA World Super Middleweight title fight between Giovanni De Carolis and Tyron Zeuge on November 5 at the MBS Arena in Potsdam, Germany.

“I’m really looking forward to fighting in Germany again,” he says. “It was a really good experience last time, and I was really pleased with my performance.”

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DiBella Entertainment cancels all remaining 2016 New York show dates

DiBella Entertainment (“DBE”), the most active boxing promoter in New York, announced Friday that it has released its dates on hold with the New York State Athletic Commission through the end of the year, effectively ending the boxing program in New York until at least 2017. The announcement is a direct result of New York’s new insurance requirements, which have made it impossible for promoters to purchase the coverage necessary to do an event in the state and the New York State Athletic Commission’s failure to use its authority to alter the requirements.

N.Y. Gen. Bus. Law § 1015, colloquially known as the MMA Law as it also served to legalize Mixed Martial Arts in the state, went into effect on September 1, 2016, requiring promoters to purchase $50,000 in medical coverage and $50,000 in death benefits for all athletes competing in an event; this is an increase from $10,000 in medical coverage and $10,000 in death benefits, but is in keeping with other states at the forefront of boxing safety such as California and Nevada.

However, the law took the unprecedented step of requiring $1 million of coverage per athlete in the event of life-threatening brain injury. No insurance carrier has been authorized by the state to offer such a policy and it does not appear that, despite the efforts of various promoters and the Commission, such a policy is imminent.

The practical impact of the law, meant to provide increased safety to professional boxers, is the extinction of boxing in New York and shows being moved to nearby jurisdictions where the insurance requirements provide much less coverage for the athletes.

There has not been a professional boxing event in New York since August 21, when DBE-promoted Errol Spence Jr. vs. Leonard Bundu at the Ford Amphitheater in Brooklyn. WBA Middleweight Champion Danny Jacobs, who was born and resides in Brooklyn, had planned to defend his title in September at Barclays Center, but the bout was moved to Pennsylvania due to the insurance barrier.

September 2016 marked the first time in over 11 years since a full calendar month occurred without a professional boxing event in New York.

“There is such a rich history of boxing in New York,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment. “And now the sport has, for all intents and purposes, been evicted by a legislature willfully ignorant of both the boxing and insurance industries. The actions of the powers that be in Albany and their political appointees are depriving New York state residents in the sport of boxing from their livelihoods. This is hitting boxers very hard, as most struggle to pay their bills and need to be active. Small businesses are being put at jeopardy with no recourse or ability to continue plying their trade.

“This is a disgraceful abuse of legislative and state power.”

In many instances, fighters who have built a fan base in New York are being deprived the opportunity to earn a living.

Heather Hardy, one of the most celebrated female fighters in the world with a passionate fan base in the New York metropolitan area, was scheduled to fight on December 16 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn – one of the dates DBE released today. Hardy, who, in addition to her purses, makes money selling tickets to her fights, will now have to look elsewhere to provide for her family.

“These new insurance restrictions are not just destroying the sport of boxing in New York, they are destroying my livelihood,” said Hardy. “Do you have any idea what life looks like for a professional boxer, especially one who is a female and a single parent? With these new laws, fewer shows and dates being moved or canceled, I don’t know how I’m going to survive at all, let alone the upcoming holiday season. I’m going to have to go back to delivering books and answering phones to try to cover the bills.”

Even if an insurance carrier were eventually approved to offer insurance for life-threatening brain injuries sustained in a boxing match, the costs would no doubt be prohibitive for all but the most high profile shows. Club shows like Broadway Boxing, which DBE has promoted regularly in New York since 2004, would cease to exist and smaller promoters that promote only club shows would be faced with the choice of moving out of state or shuttering entirely without a modification in the law.

The New York State Athletic Commission is authorized to make such a modification per the MMA Law, which states: “The commission may from time to time, promulgate regulations to adjust the amount of such minimum limits.” The Commission did promulgate regulations in early September, but did little more than reinforce the minimums set forth in the MMA Law.

On August 27, DBE and another New York-based Promoter, Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing, jointly submitted a Public Comment in advance of the Regulations being approved that warned “[A]ll boxing in the state of New York – marquee events and club shows alike – are under an immediate danger of extinction” as a result of the new insurance requirements. A full copy of the Public Comment can be found here:

The warnings provided in the Public Comment, much like the barren boxing calendar, seem thus far to have eluded the attention of those with the authority to bring boxing back to New York. For now, the state where Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier, Rocky Marciano fought Archie Moore, and Sugar Ray Robinson fought Jake LaMotta twice is without professional boxing entirely.

“It is incumbent upon either the legislature or Commission to take a long look at what they’ve done and fix it. If there is an honest intention to continue boxing in the state, there must be a modification of the required limits,” said DiBella. “I have had endless conversations with insurance brokers and underwriters and any narrative being spun suggesting that a policy with an affordable premium will be in place soon is flatly wrong and not helping restore boxing in New York.

“I have several dates on hold with the New York State Athletic Commission in January 2017 and beyond and I look forward to bringing world class boxing back to New York, but I must have both the assurance that it is legally possible to satisfy the insurance requirements and proper time to promote a show.”

DBE returns with live boxing Saturday, November 19, at the Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT, and Friday, December 2, at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Tickets are available through the respective venue box offices.

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Ben Hall to face Carson Jones in London

Ben Hall will face Carson Jones for the WBC International Silver Super-Welterweight title at the SSE Arena, Wembley in London on November 26. Hall faces a huge step-up in his 11th pro outing as the unbeaten 23-year-old is looking to add a second belt to his collection after stopping Kris Agyei-Dua in January to land the Southern Area strap, but Hall faces a dangerous task in the American visitor.

Jones is a familiar face to UK fight fans and has proved to be a thorn in the side of two of Britain’s best. The Oklahoma man tested Kell Brook to the limit in July 2012 when the Sheffield star edged him out via majority decision before they met in a rematch in Hull the following year. Jones returned to England to meet Brian Rose in Blackpool in February 2015 and stunned the hometown favorite with a first round stoppage, with Rose gaining revenge six months later in a rematch in Hull.

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Weights from Kazakhstan


Kanat Islam 154 vs Patrick Allotey 154
vacant WBO & WBA Intercontinental & UBC World Super Welterweight title

Zhanibek Alimkhanuly 169 vs Milton Nunez 171
Zhankozh Turarov 145 vs Issac Aryee 145
Ruslan Myrsatayev 218 vs Nuhu Azuma 227
Ali Akhmedov 171 vs Ali Mammadov 169
Aidar Sharibayev 132 vs Juan Ocura 130
Zhuma Zhumabekov 138 vs Ivanou Uladimir 138

Venue: Almaty Arena, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Promoter: Nelsons Promotions, Raynelo Promotions

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UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor Extended Video Preview

(Video Courtesy of UFC)

Three UFC championship belts are on the line at UFC 205 – as well as history. Hear from the champions and challengers in this extended preview: Eddie Alvarez, Conor McGregor, Tyron Woodley, Stephen Thompson, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and Karolina Kowalkiewicz.

TRENDING > Cris Cyborg: ‘UFC Doesn’t Respect Me’

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Duco withdraws government funding application for Parker vs Ruiz


By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing
Photo: Dave Cameron

The location of the WBO heavyweight championship title bout featuring New Zealand’s WBO#1 Joseph Parker and Mexican born WBO#3 Andy Ruiz should be known early next week when Parker’s promoter Duco Events will be advised if they can raise the necessary funds. At a Press Conference today Duco CEO David Higgins said they have withdrawn its application from the New Zealand Government for financial assistance for the world championship bout to go ahead in Auckland, New Zealand on December 10. If funding cannot be raised, it is expected Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum will stage the world title bout in Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Dallas.

“We have studied the reaction of the public and the media and the politicians and it’s clear it has become political dynamite, a real political football,” Higgins said.

“We’re aware our business does rely on goodwill, we’re selling tickets, we’re selling pay per view television, we rely on the public and that goodwill is important, we do not take it for granted.

“It’s a shame to see it’s become divisive. We think this event, if it does happen in New Zealand, should be inclusive and certainly not divisive. It should be celebrating a landmark New Zealand sporting achievement and also New Zealand’s even capability

Higgins continued “Just looking at all the comments, there were a lot of haters and we’re not prepared to become pariahs in our own country just for the sake of getting some government funding.”

“We would still have had to charge for pay per view TV. As soon as we charged for TV there would be a large section of New Zealand society that would have us for breakfast.”

“A couple of statements that Steven Joyce made were a little bit silly, with respect. He put out there that ‘if we gave you money, x-amount’, in return they’d want profile, visitation, investment opportunities, hospitality, it would go in the contract, we’d have to deliver all that. So they’ve give us some money, we’d deliver all of that, and then he suggested we’d give the money back – effectively a partnership with us to sponsor it for free. It was not us being the freeloaders – to me that’s freeloading; reap the benefit of the event but then get the money back. Dean (Lonergan) and I just got frustrated in the end.”

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